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ST: ACTD ODN and Subspace Moved
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-01-16 19:06:46

Star Trek: A Call to Duty users will likely have noticed that they have been receiving 403-access forbidden errors when trying to access ODN and Subspace.

This is due to the moving of ODN and Subspace to our Canadian-based server Dderidex, which is hopefully much more stable than Kolinahr is proving to be.

Users will continue to receive these errors until their ISPs flush their DNS cache entries and update to new information. Most ISPs do this every couple hours now, but some are notoriously slow, taking up to two weeks.

If you absolutely REQUIRE access because of your staff postion, please email and you will be given further instructions. You should also contact your ISPs if you go any longer than 24 hours without being able to access either site.

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