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7th Chevron is Hiring
Posted by James Young on 2005-03-01 17:33:17

7th Chevron is currently looking to fill several positions.

PBeM Team Commander: A PBeM TC would run PBeM missions, involve those on the team in writing an intriguing storyline, and coordinate with other TC?s to keep story information consistent. Someone wanting to be a PBeM TC should have a minimum of one-year experience in PBeM and two years experience role-playing.

PBeM Training Coordinator: A PBeM Training Coordinator would be in charge of running PBeM Training missions, hiring and training PBeM Trainers, ensuring the quality of graduates, and handling any possible problems arising during training.

Personnel Manager: The Personnel Manager is in charge of assigning people to various training sessions. This person is also in charge of assigning people once they apply for character positions. He or she will keep records of past and present characters and will coordinate with TC?s to ensure proper rosters are kept.

Web Manager: The Web Manager will work closely with both the GM and the Personnel Manager to make sure that any changes to rosters and announcements are updated on a weekly basis. This person will also create new web pages, as they are needed.

Please contact me at if you are interested in any of the positions.

Karen Morris
7th Chevron GM

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