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Virus Alert: Worms set Trojan horse trap
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-03-08 15:43:51

The following links and stories have been double-checked by our Network Operations staff and have been found to be accurate.

Antivirus companies on Tuesday flagged a new worm targeting MSN Messenger and a variation of an existing threat. Security researchers discovered the appearance of Win32.Kelvir.a, a new twist on the previously identified Kelvir threat. Researchers also identified a new worm in the wild; caked Win32.Serflog.a or Sumom. Both worms are rated medium-to-high risks.

For more information visit the following URLs:

Always investigate all virus reports for yourself before sending them on for distribution. Always keep your antivirus software current and your virus definitions up to date.

Gerry Brinkman
Network Operations

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