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Project 1.8.4 Launches
Posted by James Young on 2005-03-08 20:39:45

In the classified files of the Med Omnicorp company is a file with the simple title of "Project 1.8.4." This file is the most protected secret of Med Omnicorp, a file that the Executive Board would kill in order to keep it hidden. Project 1.8.4 is Med Omnicorp's most unstable program, a team of super-humans capable of protecting the companies interests, disrupting the activities of the corrupt "Project: SHARD" and even defending humanity itself.

For good or evil, this team has been assembled, and Med Omnicorp's secret will not remain hidden forever. With an angelic winged man from England, a Canadian Telepath, an ex Russian Assassin, and the assistance of a former Irish war hero, Project 1.8.4 will make an impact on the world of Epic Chronicles. For good or evil, they are here now...

...and Med Omnicorp will never be the same again...


Project 184 is managed by GA Martijn Lemmen and is based in the Confederate Union of Free States. This new EC IRC team launches today at 4pm EST/9pm GMT in #ECMissions. For transfers or new applicants to Project 184 please contact We hope to see you there!

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