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Posted by James Young on 2005-03-22 18:33:27

NOTICE: Keeping with the organization?s origins, A Call To Duty Roleplaying will be aiming strictly at roleplaying games that are similar in style to ?Free-Style? games such as Star Trek: A Call To Duty and ?Rule Book style? games such as In the Time of Heroes. Basically this means we are going to be focusing on actual roleplaying games.

As such, ACTDR will be dropping ?ACTDRHL? from it?s roster of games and will be relinquishing all intellectual property rights or copyrights or trademarks to this group. This essentially means ACTDR is relinquishing ownership of the hockey group to James Young, the current Game Manager of this group.

As such the group will be required to change it?s name to not include ACTDR. Permission has been given by the artists to allow the group to use any graphics or logos that were created. Essentially these graphics are now co-owned by the artist and the group instead of artist and ACTDR.

This change takes effect immediately. This change does not impact any roleplaying game that is owned by ACTDR. If you have any questions, please direct them through your Game Manager.

Thank you,

James Young
ACTDR Roleplaying

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