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Celebrating a Decade of Gaming Excellence
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-05-09 11:47:09

In late May of 1995, during the pre-launch testing of the Microsoft Network and Windows 95, a small group of creative fans gathered to start a game where they could play their own characters in the world of Star Trek. It was a small, tightly-knit group that enjoyed each others' online company. Ten years later, as other established Star Trek roleplaying groups came and went, the legacy of those first intrepid fans lives on.

Come join us online, for a day of celebration, as we reflect on our past, and look towards the future. All members of vTrek/ACTD/ACTDR, from any time in our past, are welcome to join us.

No matter how short or long you can stay, stop by in one of the three rooms that will be open throughout the day. Reminisce about The Old Days, catch up with people you haven't seen in a long time (or maybe never even met), or just come and chat. Talk about stories of such people as Liz, Rolf, Chad, Gene, Geoff, and other originals. Recount the travels of such ships as Crusader, Maelstrom, and Lafayette. ACTD's enduring strength is our sense of community. Come and enjoy that strength which saw us through a decade of gaming spectacles, and will see us through the next decade.

Scott Balmos
Owner / General Manager
A Call to Duty Roleplaying

Date: Saturday, 4 June, 2005
Server Network:

#vTrekLounge - Our original lounge, where history began
All-day OOC nostalgia - use your old vTrek / PDE nicknames if you remember them!

#SpatialVortex - The Spatial Vortex Bar & Grille
All day IC crossover lounge - An inexplicable whirlpool of time and space brings together the universe's multitude of parallel dimensions. Here, at the Spatial Vortex Bar & Grille, it doesn't matter what universe you're from. Come in, find an open seat, and share a drink (or two... three... four...) with fellow characters.

#ACTDOfficersLounge - Our PDE lounge name
"10 hours of events, celebrating 10 years of gaming excellence" - All times in EDT

10:00 AM: A Decade of Excellence - A look back on vTrek/ACTD(R)
12:00 PM: State of the RPG Industry Address
3:00 PM: ACTDR Developments Unveiling
4:00 PM: Trivial Consequences - Try and stump the vTrek/ACTD(R)/SciFi know-it-alls, and win "fabulous prizes chosen especially for you".
6:00 PM: Live Auction

Trivial Consequences will be a humorous live-action trivia game, based loosely on the live radio sports trivia show Sports Or Consequences (on Cincinnati radio AM-700 WLW, every weekday at 4pm Eastern). Okay, we may not have "fabulous prizes" (probably a "good question" or other such esteemed recognition), but it should be fun for all - especially the spectators. Think you're one of the vTrek/ACTD/SciFi trivia know-it-alls? Send an email to and become a member of our panel who will try to answer the fielded questions. Got a question that you think will stump our walking-encyclopedia panel of aficionados? Have it ready and stop by a few minutes before the event to register with our announcer (whoever that will be. :D). Just want to watch and enjoy the laughs? Stop by and "tune in"!

The Live Auction will have a selection of items for you to bid on, from a number of Sci-Fi genres (not just Star Trek!). Watch in the coming weeks for more information, including a possible items list. All payments will be made through Paypal, so if you don't have an account at Paypal yet, sign up for one before the auction!

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