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ACTDR 10th Anniversary Celebration this Saturday!
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-06-02 19:24:43

A Call to Duty turns 10 years old this weekend - and we are celebrating. Come and take part in the celebration events!

Ten years ago, Virtual Trek was started on The Microsoft Network as a place to roleplay in the realm of Star Trek. Its popularity, fueled by a partnership with Paramount Digital Entertainment, grew the game immensely. Today, across six games, A Call to Duty Roleplaying has over 400 members, and continues to grow.

Throughout the day on this Saturday, June 4, we will be holding various events to celebrate our organization's birthday. You, along with any other fellow roleplayers you know (even from other organizations, and retired members of vTrek/ACTD), are invited. So plan to stop by for a while, or at least large parts of the day, especially the live auction. We will have numerous collectibles - including some items that are becoming quite hard to find, or are now impossible to get - available for bidding. It is sure to be a fun day.

A note of warning for the auction: We accept payments via credit cards, but only through Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, it is highly recommended you go to to sign up for an account, since it takes a few days to link credit card accounts to Paypal.

More information, shortly including pictures and descriptions of the auction items, is available at . A few days after the celebration, transcripts will also be available there for any events you couldn't attend.

Hope to see you there!

Scott Balmos
Owner / General Manager
A Call to Duty Roleplaying


#vTrekLounge - General OOC lounge
It's Virtual Trek nostalgia! Remember your original IRC nicknames on MSN, or on Paramount's chat server? Use them here! Take a seat, grab a drink, and chat with long-lost friends, newcomers, and everyone alike.

#SpatialVortex - The Spatial Vortex Bar & Grille (In-character crossover lounge)
An inexplicable whirlpool of time and space brings together the universe's multitude of parallel dimensions. Here, at the Spatial Vortex Bar & Grille, it doesn't matter what universe you're from. Come in, find an open seat, and share a drink (or two... three... four...) with fellow characters.

#ACTDOfficersLounge - Main Events Room
"10 hours of events, celebrating 10 years of gaming excellence" - All times in EDT

10:00 AM: A Decade of Excellence - A look back on vTrek/ACTD(R)
12:00 PM: State of the RPG Industry Address
3:00 PM: ACTDR Developments Unveiling
4:00 PM: Trivial Consequences - Try and stump the vTrek/ACTD(R)/SciFi know-it-alls, and win "fabulous prizes chosen especially for you".
6:00 PM: Live Auction

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