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10th Anniversary Wrapup
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-06-08 15:02:56

The 10th Anniversary Celebration was quite a success, with the lounge room averaging 15 or more people at a time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat and help celebrate this ACTDR milestone.

For those who could not make it, some transcripts are available at Thanks to Lilia Perfeito of ST: ACTD for providing these transcripts. Other transcripts will be added as soon as I finish editing them.

A summary of the ACTDR developments, announced at the celebration, is below:

- ACTDR's first original logo is unveiled, along with the "... infinite possibilities ..." marketing tagline. See for the new logos and a video intro, suitable for splicing to the beginning of your games teaser
videos. This page of logos will soon be moved to a permanent location on the ACTDR website, along with updated banner ads for each game.

- Anniversary celebrations will continue throughout the year, and will probably include at least one guest interview chat session. A
Commemorative 10th Anniversary printed newsletter is in planning. Contact Scott at if you have article suggestions.

- In order to minimize visitor & player confusion, we are beginning a
streamlining of some technical aspects of our server system, including staff email addresses for each game, website addresses, and number and naming of our IRC chat rooms.

- A review of all banner ad networks that we are a member of is underway. Approximately half of the banner ads we display are broken, and/or those people that display our ads are no longer bringing in visitors to our sites.

- More priority will be given in our banner ad pool to those banner ads that sponsor, or generate revenue, for us. Most important of these is our Amazon Affiliate banner ads.

The online auction went well, selling approximately half of the goods available. The remaining goods will be auctioned off in a message-based auction format on the ACTDR Subspace site. Watch in the coming days for information on how the auction will be run, and what items are still available.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions on ACTDR's plans for continued growth, my mailbox is always open. For game-specific issues, please go through your game's chain-of-communication, up to your GM.

-- Scott Balmos President - SimuNex, Ltd.
Owner - A Call to Duty Roleplaying

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