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Epic Chronicles Dark Genesis Launches October 24th
Posted by James Young on 2004-10-18 05:15:18

Are you prepared to join the Epic?

On October 24th, 2004 Epic Chronicles: Dark Genesis - ACTDR's new Super-Hero/Super-Villain game goes live. Starting at 10am PST (1pm EST, 6pm GMT) Epic Chronicles will be hosting an Open House in #ECTwilightLounge for all members of A Call To Duty Roleplaying interested in the game. Events for the day include an In Character Meet & Greet, Question & Answer Periods (hosted by EC Players), sample IRC missions and an accelerated IRC training for current ACTDR members. For details concerning the Open House schedule please see or for training information contact the Game Manager at

Epic Chronicles: Dark Genesis takes place on Earth, in late 1999 - in a world of political turmoil and disarray. The Dominion of Canada, an economically wealthy and powerful nation has closed their borders to outside nations and banned mutant activities. Every day the Empire of the Rising Sun struggles to defend their territories along the Pacific ocean...and as the sun sets in South Africa each day - a new genetic test is approved by the Republic Senate. This is the epic, and it is neither peaceful nor serene...


- March '99: The leader of the Vorashna Council begins a search for the best and the brightest, searching the world for the most talented of all mages. The council assembles an elite team of magi, masters of the magikal arts to defend their land of Andorra'Hen'Vorashna in Western Europe.
- June '99: A young employee of the Med Omnicorp company discovers confidential documents concerning a test group known as Project 184. Two days later, the Omnicorp employee is discovered dead in the sewers of Trenton, New Jersey.
- August '99: Karl Silcox, a respected cultural anthropologist from Carleton University uncovers a shrine of Anubis deep within the Egyptian desert. After weeks of excavation and surveying Dr. Silcox and his team are removed from the site by the Egyptian military and the shrine is secured as a military risk.
- October '99: The attempted assassination of pro-mutant Governor Sonya Khan in eastern Mongolia leads to a rise in refugee mutants along the boards of Karelia and the Mongolia Sacred Lands. Military support is issued by Karelia to aid the super-human refugees and humanitarian aid is granted...
- October 24th, 1999: Canadian President Myranda Winters is assassinated.


Welcome to a fallen paradise boys and girls...enjoy it while you still can...

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