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M*A*S*H Launches PBeM Division
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-08-11 10:29:52

After several months of Beta Testing the PBeM version of M*A*S*H is now open for new players.

The USS Consolation is a Hospital Ship run by the Navy and staffed by Army doctors and nurses. It is based on a real ship that actually operated in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. Although we have taken some 'liberties' we do follow the ships log as far as the movements and dates go.

If you would like to play a Doctor, Nurse or any of the other many positions please visit, click on the join button, and follow the instructions. When you submit your character make sure you put in there that you are requesting the USS Consolation. For a complete list of the open positions you can email Jim Hassell the ships commander at or Carol Ray the ships record keeper at

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