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2006 Convention City Nominees
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-09-12 23:12:41

The nomination period for the 2006 North American ACTDR Convention has closed, with great results. A number of cities were suggested. Now, to allow everyone to make an informed decision, I will not start the next phase of voting for one week. The voting period to select a city will start next Sunday, 18 September. During this week, I encourage postings on the ACTDR Subspace board, Convention category, at
from those who nominated the cities, and other members who live nearby, describing the points of interest in the city. I am basically allowing a week to "sell your city".

Two nominations were rejected due to not being located in the given regions, and one nomination, Arlington, TX, was combined with Dallas, TX, since the two are so close to each other.

The nominated cities are:

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Huntsville, AL
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
San Diego, CA
Reno / Las Vegas, NV
Gainesville, FL
Denver, CO
Tampa Bay, FL

Thanks to all who submitted nominations. Now put on your marketing hats and start selling your hometown!

Scott Balmos
Owner / General Manager
A Call to Duty Roleplaying
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