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Convention Voting Results
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-09-26 12:32:53

It was a down-to-the-wire count, but in the end, there can only be one Survivor...wait, wrong show...I am looking for The Apprentice...nevermind.

Congratulations to San Diego, CA for being selected as the 2006 North American ACTDR Convention host city! As I remarked, it was a razor-thin vote, with San Diego eeking out past Winnipeg by only one vote. See below for the voting breakdown:

San Diego, CA: 8
Winnipeg, MB: 7
Dallas, TX: 5
Denver, CO: 5
Tampa Bay, FL: 5
Houston, TX: 4
Las Vegas, NV: 4
Gainesville, FL: 1
Huntsville, AL: 1

Two votes were rejected because of voting for multiple cities, and one was rejected for voting for a city not on the nomination list. Two votes were rejected because they didn't have the appropriate subject line (or none at all), and ended up in my spam folder. None of the above rejected votes would have materially changed the outcome of the voting.

The time of the convention shall remain the same as in the past, the second weekend of July (everyone pack your fans & waterbottles). That tentatively places the convention on the weekend of July 13 - 17, 2006.

Any person who lives in the general vicinity of San Diego, and wishes to act as convention coordinator, please contact me within the next few days. I will appoint one person as coordinator, and then anyone else who wishes to assist in convention planning in whatever manner can assist the coordinator directly.

Again, congrats to San Diego!

Scott Balmos
Owner / General Manager
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