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San Diego Convention Coordinator
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2005-10-11 12:17:16

Beth Kelley-Wharton has been appointed the Convention Coordinator for the 2006 North American ACTDR Convention in San Diego, CA. She'll be responsible for locating and securing the convention site and all the other fun details, and I'm sure she'd appreciate assistance from other locals. Contact her directly if you wish to assist...

At the moment, the convention will be scheduled for the weekend of July
13 - 17, 2006. Beth initially suggested the next weekend, July 20 - 24, because that will coincide with the San Diego ComicCon (which runs July 20 - 23). But I had concerns about hotel availability, and the fact that the convention is more anime/comics oriented, not scifi/fantasy/RPG oriented, and thus probably wouldn't be of much interest to our convention goers. I will leave the ultimate decision to Beth, probably after some hotel availability investigation.

Congrats & condolences to Beth.
Scott Balmos
Owner / General Manager
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