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2005 in review
Posted by Gerry Brinkman (for Scott Balmos) on 2006-01-17 12:00:22

The just-ended year of 2005 was largely good for ACTDR's games, amidst many changes that will place us in better working order for the coming years.

Overall, ACTDR's games have 310 members. Membership numbers for all our games may differ slightly, as many people are members of multiple games. During the coming year, it will be my goal to increase that membership number to at least 400 unique members, with the new members mostly concentrated in the games outside of Star Trek: A Call to Duty.

Recently, before we finished work for the winter break, the GMs unanimously approved a Game Operations Handbook. This 24-page handbook defines the expectations and standards of game operations that GMs, and their staff, must follow in order to maintain the ACTDR "brand" of quality roleplaying, along with the relationships between the games and ACTDR's departments. During the first part of the year, each GM will be working with their game's staff to implement the requirements, and as
many suggestions as prudent, of this handbook. While applicable to only
GMs for the most part, copies of the handbook, in PDF form, can be
downloaded by anyone at

Revenue generation for ACTDR in 2005, especially the Amazon referral links and ads, has been wildly successful. Thanks to you, ACTDR has earned over $300. The majority of these earnings will be distributed to the individual games, to help them fund their own marketing campaigns and operations. A portion of the earnings will be used this year to
develop promotional materials for ACTDR in general, without preference to any specific game. Whoever purchased a shiny new Nikon camera and accessories through Amazon, a sincere thank you. That was worth over $70 in Amazon commissions just by itself.

In 2006, we expect to see further growth and development. While membership in individual games, and specific play groups in those games, may fluctuate, overall we continue to grow and remain healthy. In the meantime, please be on the lookout for a game satisfaction survey for the game(s) you are a member of. The results of this survey will be used during the biannual individual GM meetings I will be holding during the
coming month.

Until then, happy gaming, and stay safe in real life (which always remains the most important).

Scott Balmos
Owner / General Manager
A Call to Duty Roleplaying
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