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Posted by John Edrington on 2006-02-17 08:04:44

In a meeting on Sunday, February 12, 2006, the GMs of each of ACTDRs games and John Edrington, representing the NOC, met to discuss the future organization of A Call to Duty Roleplaying. During the meeting the following items were voted on and unanimously adopted by the group.

Our Name
(1) We will remain A Call To Duty Roleplaying

Council Rule
(1) A council was established consisting of all of the GMs and the head of the NOC, to govern the A Call to Duty Roleplaying organization.

(2) The council will establish a code of conduct, which must be voted on and unanimously adopted by all council members before holding any game accountable to this code. Any subsequent decisions of the council will require agreement as defined in the unanimously decided council code and a 2/3 majority vote of the council.

(3) Game or NOC ownership constitutes council membership

Game Ownership
(1) Games are owned by their respective GMs.

(2) Game control is left to the individual Game owner.

(3) GMs cannot be fired by the council; however, any GM, not adhering to the code of conduct, can have his NOC privileges for chat servers, e-mail servers, web servers, etc. revoked. That game would then be removed from the ACTDR umbrella or games.

GM Responsibility
(1) GMs are responsible for adhering to the code of conduct.

(2) The GM is responsible for implementing proper Game Staff/Player Conflict Resolution Mechanisms, which adhere to high-level standards set by the ACTDR organization.

(3) GMs will meet a minimum of once a year in person either at the convention or via the chat network.

NOC Privileges/Responsibilities
(1) ACTDR NOC resources are the privilege of being an ACTDR game, and are to be utilized by the games. If non-NOC resources would like to be used, it requires the agreement of ACTDR in order to continue being an ACTDR game.

(2) Any GM can choose to leave the ACTDR umbrella with their game, but they will lose all NOC support.

(1) ACTDR funds are currently in the amount of $288.45. ACTDR Funds shall remain in trust for A Call to Duty Roleplaying for use in paying for services provided by ACTDR to all the games. This could include server/domain names, or ACTDR marketing initiatives. Such funds are requested to be dispersed by the respective function head (NOC/marketing). Notification shall be given to the ACTDR council at the time of dispersion.

(2) Any money collected through the link at the bottom of the e-mail strings goes to NOC for ACTDR server, software, technical upkeep.

(3) Each game keeps any money that they already had.

Future Events
(1) The ACTDR Convention will be held as planned.

As GMs we know we still have many things to hammer out; however, we have made great headway during our first meeting. One thing I think we were all impressed by was for the most part how much we were all on the same page. Though the events of the last week have not been easy on anyone, we believe that ACTDR is going to come through this stronger than we were before.

GMs signatures

Gerry Brinkman
John Edrington
Christopher Gibson
Brett Lynam
Karen Morris
Tim Nunan
Beth Kelley-Wharton

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