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D'Deridex has been replaced!
Posted by Gerry Brinkman on 2006-12-22 10:07:08

Although operations and salvage are ongoing, the D'deridex ACTDR server has been replaced. This has been a good news - bad news situiation...

The good news is we recovered everything as far as we know, and nothing was lost. Access to your files may be a few days, but that's being repaired at this time and should be ready soon.

That bad news - and I find this quite upsetting - is that the server was actually hacked. Access was initially gained with a game staff password (we're sure it was stolen). I cannot emphasize enough that password security is paramount.

Going into the new year, we'll be reviewing and implementing a password policy where people will NOT be allowed to use dictionary words (easy to crack) or the like but will have to use strong passwords. More details will be posted on this as the policy is brought into play.

You'll notice that the message boards were also recovered! Any of your SQL databases should have been recovered, and we'd appreciate if you would verify that. Please use the helpdesk reporting page to tell us if there are problems with anything you've noticed.

As always, this occasion serves as a reminder that webmasters should be keeping local updated copies of the sites for which they are responsible. We have seen catastrophic failures in the past where the kind of file recovery we could do this time was not possible. Let that be a word to the wise; it has always been the case that individual webmasters are responsible for this, and that is not changing, though we do try to help.

Please remember that work is ongoing. If you have restoration issue that affects you or your game, please contact us. If you just want to remind us that such and such isn't done yet or want a time estimate, Unless you are a GM, please don't bother. These requests will not be acknowledged or answered by NOC staff. I know that sounds heartless, but we get innundated, and our staff is volunteer, and some of these requests for information lately have been kind of rude. (We ignore those too, by the way. ;) You get more service with a smile than bad manners and self importance.)

All in all, we are happy to report that though it's still going to be a few days to be completed, the box is back!

Gerry Brinkman
Network Operations

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